Dr. Konstance Knox and Dr. Donald Carrigan, as well as the Board of Directors, are proud to welcome you to the newly designed web site of the Institute for Viral Pathogenesis. Although it is under construction, we hope to continually add informational content and update it with descriptions of the Institute’s activities. First of all, we would like to describe the Institute and its goals. A description of the founding of the Institute can be found in the book The Virus Within by Nicholas Regush.

Since its inception, the Institute’s sole activities have been and will continue to be furthering its tax exempt (501C3) purpose of identifying and characterizing new human viral pathogens including, but not limited to, the human herpesviruses and, in particular, human herpesvirus six (HHV-6). The vast majority of the Institute’s activities involve scientific medical research conducted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These activities revolve around exploring newly identified viruses as emerging pathogens and developing new and more effective treatments for such viruses and the diseases they cause.

The second largest activity of the Institute is the drafting of medical journal articles and abstracts as well as presentation of research findings at national and international scientific meetings and conferences.

A third activity of the Institute is the preparation and submission of research grant applications seeking funding to support the Institute’s research programs. The final progress reports for two such grants obtained from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society are posted in the IVP Research portion of our site.

In accordance with the Institute’s tax exempt status, all research findings and results will be widely disseminated through publications in internationally and nationally recognized medical journals, which are available to the general public. The Institute’s research findings will also be presented at scientific conferences, which are generally open to the public. Educational activities of the Institute will involve postings of scientific material on this web site, as well as answering scientific and technical questions posed by our visitors.

In summary, the Institute serves the public by discovery of new medical research theories and findings with their subsequent dissemination to the public at large. This allows the findings to be applied by practicing physicians worldwide in the diagnosis, treatment, and cure of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer, and the illnesses that complicate stem cell and organ transplantation.