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Since its inception, the activities of the Institute for Viral Pathogenesis have been, and will continue to be, characterizing new human viral pathogens including, but not limited to, the human herpesviruses, in particular, human herpesvirus six (HHV-6), as well as furthering our tax exempt (501C3) status. Recent research activity at the Institute has focused on the role of HHV-6 in multiple sclerosis. 

The Institute for Viral Pathogenesis (IVP) located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was organized and is operated exclusively for the charitable and scientific purpose of identifying new viral pathogens in humans and exploring the roles of these viruses as emerging pathogens. IVP researchers Dr. Konstance Knox and Dr. Donald Carrigan receive support in the form of research grants from private foundations, universities, individuals, and corporations who have an interest in contributing to the medical and scientific understanding of viral disease.
Dr. Knox with former US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson during a visit by Mr. Thompson to the Institute's laboratory in Milwaukee. At the time of the visit, Mr. Thompson was governor of Wisconsin.

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